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About Us

The energy market is complicated – demand for electricity is constantly changing and these fluctuations can be unpredictable. Since virtually all Texans use electricity every day, your energy plan is an important part of your finances. serves to educate consumers so they can make an informed purchase. You can learn about energy deregulation and the various powers, like the Public Utility Commission of Texas, that make sure the market is being fair to consumers.

Which company should you choose?

Think about what kind of company you want to give your business to. Though price is probably your first concern, you also might want to consider what type of retailer is supplying your electricity. Even though ERCOT ensures that no business is able to gain an unfair advantage in the market, there are still key differences between various companies.

  • Both large and small companies are electricity retailers. You might decide that you prefer the resources and clout of a giant corporation or you might opt for reputable customer service from a smaller energy provider instead. Some companies just serve local markets while other retail electricity providers sell electricity in multiple countries.
  • Several Texas energy retailers regularly donate to charities. Depending on your cause of choice, you might want to take a look at the values of different companies. Favorite causes of electricity companies range from environmental projects to food drives.

Which energy plan do you need?

Take stock of your home or business and think about what you desire in an energy plan. There are several types of electric plan types – you can opt for traditional electricity or a more eco-friendly green plan. Various types of rates and billing methods are also available to you if you live in a deregulated part of Texas.

How do you find the best electricity rates?

Comparison shopping is without a doubt the best way to guarantee you’re getting the best price on electricity. Knowing what kind of product you’re after and what’s available is half the battle. On this site, you can learn more about energy deregulation, green electricity options, different energy plans and tips for comparing rates. After educating yourself on the industry and your options, decide what your energy needs are and what kind of rates you need to fit your budget. Knowing these details, you’ll ultimately choose the best electricity provider and plan for your home or business.